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Alakh is the pioneer in FLP/WP (Ex-d) Electrical lighting fittings / switchgears / junction-boxes / Cable Glands manufacturing & is one among the most known producer of FLP fittings in the field. The novel features of Alakh products are - aesthetic in look, finer finish, easy accessibility for maintenance, compact & rugged.

Today, Alakh has carved a good image for itself in the field of (Explosion) FLP/WP electrical fittings & has built an impressive & ever growing list of customers. Our business philosophy is based on manufacturing superior quality (Explosion proof) FLP/WP products. In areas such as chemical factories, refineries, fertilizers, mines where combustible mixtures exist which can form explosive gas atmospheres, a simple spark can cause an explosion with catastrophic results.

To ensure maximum safety it is necessary to use electrical equipment specially designed for Explosive Atmosphere. To take care of such conditions Alakh has a wide range of products to boast about; including, Low Voltage Switchgears, Control Stations, Switch Fuse Units, Starters, Telephone, Electric Gong Bell, Thermocouple Head, Well Glass Lighting Fitting, Tube Light Fixtures, Bulk Head Lighting Fitting, Reactor Vessel lamp, Junction Box, Cable Glands, etc.

We also have a special range of products such as Control Panels, Motor Control Centers, Distribution Boards, Instrumentation Boxes, etc. We can also offer you flameproof motors exhaust fans, special prime-movers drivers and instrumentation junction boxes.

General Specifications:
Alakh FLP/WP fittings are designed & tested to comply with Indian Std. Our products are manufactured as per IS:2148 1981 (explosionproofness) & IS:2147-1962 (Weatherproofness)- Equivalent standards are BS:5501 - 5/IEC 79-1/AMERICAN STD. UL 698 ANSI C 33-30 & UL 886 ANSI C 33-27 EUROPEAN STD. EN 50 018. The products are also approved by CMRS-DHANBAD, CCE-NAGPUR, ISI, D.G.M.S, D.G.F.A.S.L.I., ENGINEERS INDIA LTD, DALAL CONSULTANTS, KVERNER DAVY POWER GAS LTD. & various other reputed consultants.

Application Areas:
These equipments are suitable for zone-1, Gas & Vapours of group I, II A & II B as per IS: 2148 - 81 Ex-d.

All Alakh products have IP : 55/IP : 65 protection. Each Alakh products is checked at every stage of production for quality right from the receipt of raw material to the finished product. Rigorous in-house testing takes place to ensure that every product manufactured by Alakh meets the highest quality standards. 

"When Every Second Counts In Safety, Count On Alakh Flame Proof & Weather Proof Electrical Fittings"

Specify in Confidence:
When in doubt, many people will over specify, to be on the safe side because they do not have the necessary experience or technical information. Not only is this wasteful, it is also unnecessary. One quick telephone call or fax to the Alakh Enterprises sales team will provide you with the most cost effective or practical solution for your application. If you need further assistance specific project requirement then we can arrange for one of our technical sales engineers to call and discuss your requirement at our registered office.

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