Pumps type M are horizontal, non self-priming centrifugal pumps. The are built as single stage or multistage pumps up to 10 stages. Suction branch is vertical the intermediate parts are designed to lead the water from the outlet of one impeller to inlet of the adjacent impeller with minimum of friction resulting in high efficiency of the pumps. The rotor of the pump is supported by antifriction bearing at both ends except for pump series M 450K in which rotor is supported by Antifriction bearings at the drive end and bush bearing at the free end. Antifriction bearings are grease lubricated. Pumps are provided with stuffing box packing. Depending upon the application mechanical seal can also be fitted.


Industrial, Marine, Refrigeration, Fuel Oil, Fire Fighting, Pressure Boosting, Sprinkler Irrigation, Mining etc.


*Casing: Close grained cast iron
*Impeller: Close grained cast iron
*Shaft: Stainless steel

Special material of construction also available on request.

  • Direction of rotation is clockwise looking from drive end.

  • Tolerance on discharge is ± 10% at rated head and rated RPM.

  • Discharge indicated in curves applies to liquid at barometric height of 760 mm mercury and at a temperature of 300 C.

  • BHP indicated in curves is for specific gravity of 1.0 and viscosity of 1cSt.
  • Before starting the pump it must be filled with liquid to ensure priming.

  • Before starting, valve on suction side must be fully opened and valve on delivery side closed.

  • Maximum permissible speed is 1800 RPM. for all pumps except pump series M 450K for which maximum permissible speed is 3000 RPM.

Performance Curves For Pumpsets at Various Discharge

Pumps M450K Series

Pumps M820, M1020, M1220, M1520,M1530 & M2020 Series

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