Center rotating type High Tension Triple pole out door disconnecting switches are adaptable to suit ANY switchyard from 6.6 to 33 kV class.

They provide DOUBLE BREAKS per pole, with center insulator support rotating the moving contacts assembly in horizontal plane. This design has proved its worth over the conventional vertical single break, by :

  1. Higher line current breaking capacity

  2. Absence of hinged connections & consequent hot spots

  3. Balance symmetrical operation, thereby reducing maintenance

  4. Involving only one variety of standard insulators They are therefore ideally suitable for Line - isolators as well as Bus Bar Isolators and /or couplers in High Voltage.

Isolators are having fixed & moving contacts made of HDHC copper & die forged fingers of phosphor bronze having an inherent non-deteriorating spring quality at high temperature & corrosion proof . The assembly of fixed & moving contacts is based on self compensating principle to withstand both the thermal & dynamic stresses of short circuit currents, & still carry the continuous rated current, with plenty of margin under the maximum specified temperature. They have been certified by CPRI, Bangalore, for withstand of over 30 KA for one second , short time current.

These isolators are manufactured in a range covering 6.6 to 33 KV. Operating handle is easy to operate by single person & conveniently located for local operation in the switchyard. All ferrous parts are hot dip galvanised & non-ferrous parts are heavily tin plated to provide protection against corrosion , contacts for higher current ratings are silver plated.

Contact assemblies can be mounted on ANY standard or special insulators with suitable CREEPAGE distance to take care of local pollution. Terminal connectors suitable for standard cables can be provided according to user's specifications.

The center support rotates with bush & thrust ball bearings, providing smooth & fast actions, with little operating effort. All isolators are supplied complete with supporting bases, phase-coupling galvanized pipe, manual operating mechanism. Provision is made for padlocking in "on" & "off" position. The phase units can be mounted independently & then finally coupled together after adjustment for alignment has been completed.

Earthing switch can be installed on each pole at either end & interlocked mechanically with the main switch. The auxiliary switches can be provided for main as well as for earth switch. Electrical interlock can be provided.

Electrical motor -drive mechanism complete with reduction gear & torque-limiting safety features can also be provided. Kindly furnish following details with orders & inquires:

  1. Working voltage & current ratings.

  2. Mounting details including inter-phase distance & height from ground level.

  3. Details of terminal connectors.

  4. Type of operating mechanism & interlocks. The isolators generally confirm to ISS 1818-72 & IEC 129.

We also supply following Products:

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  • All allied equipments for High Tension Switch Yard.


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