Pumps type ‘ST’ are horizontal, single stage, centrifugal pumps for pumping reasonably clear or slightly muddy water. Pump are very compact and of sturdy construction. Pump suction branch is axial and delivery branch vertical. Impeller has three semi-open vanes, which permit passage of suspended particles of max. size 5 to 8 mm. The pump is provided with one bush gland packing. Pumps can be fitted with stainless steel wearing plates on request. Direction of rotation is clockwise looking from drive end.


Sewage and drainage, effluent disposal, Industrial processing water, raw water from river and canal dewatering etc.


*Casing, Impeller: Close Grained Cast Iron
*Shaft: Stainless steel

Special material of construction also available.

  • Performance tolerance is as per IS 9137 class C.

  • Capacity applies to liquid at barometric height of 760 mm mercury and at a temperature of 3060C.

  • Input powers indicated above are for specific gravity of 1.0 and viscosity of 1 CST.

  • Maximum permissible speed is 3000 RPM.


3 Impeller 22 Gland packing
5 Pump casing 24 water slinger
7 Bracket 26/1 Screw
9 Gland 27 Nut, shaft end
11 Bearing cover 37 Pin
12 Shaft 41 Cover
12A Shaft sleeve 69 Connector
13 Bush bearing 72/1 Bolt & Nut
14A Key 72/2 Bolt &Nut
17 Paper Gasket 73 Bolt & Nut
19 Ball Bearing 73/1 Bolt & Nut
20 Plug 73/2 Screw
20A Plug 73/3 Bolt & Nut
21 Grease cup 98C Set-Screw.

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