• Tolerance of capacity± 10% at rated head and rated RPM.

  • Discharge indicated in the selection chart apply to water barometric height of 760 mm mercury column and at a temperature of 300C.

  • Power indicated is that absorbed at the pump shaft when pumping liquids having specific gravity of 1.0 and viscosity of 1 CST.

  • Maximum permissible speed is 1800 RPM.

  • For standard execution maximum permissible temperature of the liquid is 600C. Hot water construction (designated by ‘H’) is also available for liquids with temperature between 600C.

  • For hot water pumps capacity will be reduced by approximately 10%.

  • Direction of rotation – clock wise seeing from the drive end. Reverse rotation (designated by ‘RR’) also available on request.

  • Maximum suction lift is 8 meters. (Including friction losses) depending pan the duty point. Capacity reduces over 4 M. suction lift.

  • Before starting valves on suction and delivery sides must be opened.

  • Before starting the pump for the first time it must be filled with liquid to ensure priming. No subsequent external priming is necessary.


Capacity: max. 130 LPM.
Head: max. 80 M.
Speed: 1450 RPM (Normal) 1800 RPM Max.)
Temperature: Max 600C for standard pump          Max 1000C for Hot water pump ‘H’
Suction lift: Max 8 M.
Rotation: clockwise when looking from drive end.       Anti-clockwise in ‘RR’ pump.


*Horizontal, lateral channel, self priming design for continuous operation handling clear liquid free from any
  suspended particle.
*Suction and delivery branches are vertical and flanges are oval. Counter flanges are provided with BSP
*Pumps are provided with one grease lubricated ball bearing and one bush bearing flushed by liquid handled.
*For special applications mechanical seal can be fitted.


*Transfer of liquid containing air or gas
*Domestic water supply
*Various marine application

*Refrigeration, fuel oil etc.


*Suction cover, Delivery cover, Intermediate parts - Close Grained Cast Iron
*Impeller - HT Brass
*Shaft - Stainless Steel
*Shaft sealing - Gland Packing/Mechanical Seal

Special materials also available on request.

Tolerance on capacity ± 10% at rated RPM.
Capacity applies to liquid at barometric height of 760 mm mercury and at a temperature of 300C.
Power inputs indicated above are for specific gravity of 1.0 and viscosity of 1 CST.
For hot water pump ‘H’ capacity is reduced.
For suction lift of more than 4 M. capacity is reduced.

1 Suction cover 16 Flange gasket
2 Intermediate Part II *17 Paper gasket
*3 Impeller *19 Ball bearing
4 Intermediate Part I 20A Plug, gauge
5 Delivery cover 20B Plug, shaft end
6 Counter flange 21 Grease cup
6/1 Counter flange *22 Packing
7 Bracket 24 Water slinger
9 Gland 25 Tie bolt & nut
10 Gland nut 26 CSK Screw
11 Bearing Cover *27 Nut, shaft end
*12 Shaft 74/1 Bolt & Nut
*13 Bush Bearing 74/2 Hex. HD. Screw
*14 Key 76 Bolt & Nut
*15 Collar Ring (Inner) 89 stud & nut
*15A Collar ring (outer)

*Spares Recommended


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