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Navbharat Engineers (NBE) was established in the year 1985 under the entrepreneurship of Shri. Mansukhbhai M. Desai for the sale of Electrical / Mechanical Engineering products. Showing remarkable foresight, he went against the common practice prevailing then, of importing precision engineering items viz. Pumps, Motors, Accessories etc. These were liberally allowed to be imported under O.G.L. Equipped with technical know-how and an innovative approach to business management.

He and his son Shri. Hiten M. Desai hand-picked a few enthusiasts and encouraged and brought a sick industry for manufacture of (Explosion proof) Flameproof / Weatherproof Electrical apparatus under the brand name of 'ALAKH
'. This innovation and acumen resulted in the sale of indigenous products amidst stiff competition with world renowned brands. Navbharat Engineers and ALAKH, entered the international field in 1995.