"KEI" type "SD" Star delta starter and "AT" Auto Transformer are oil immersed Starters described in this leaflet which are designed for starting of Sq. Cage motors between 41 HP to 100 HP where it is found necessary to minimise the starting current and attain a higher Torque. The starter reduces the line voltage by means of auto transformer and reduces proportionately line current taken by the motor during starting or by star delta starting. The unit is suitable for AC 3 phase,415v +6%,50 c/s supply and complies fully with BS 587-1957 and IS 8544/1961.These starters are must where electricity boards are limiting the use of direct on line starters beyond certain range.

Compact, totally enclosed dust proof and splash proof metal clad box with gas ketteds joints arranged for floor mounting with standard finish of dark admiral gray paint. AT type and wall pedestal mounting with standard finish of dark admiral gray paint. AT and SD type units are housed with triple pole-oil immersed manually operated starting switch and auto transformer with hand tribbing provision for instantaneous tripping by provided on side and SD type units are housed with.

(a) Overboard protection is through a triple pole series operated electromagnetic overboard coils suitably time lagged with oil dashpots operated directly on mechanism tripping the unit on sustained overloads .Suitable range of calibration is also provided for thus ensuring more accurate fool-proof overload protection.

(b) Under voltage protection: Electromagnetic under-voltage protection is given by no volt coil fitted separately and acts directly on the mechanism. The normal coil voltage is 415V,50Hz AC. However ,coil suitable for other AC voltages such as 220V,110V and 550Volts can be provided .If desired for remote control, a push button switch may connected in series with removable tips.

The starter is provided with substantial size cross section made of electrolytic 99.9% purity copper that have durable sliver plating on it It has easily replaceable fixed contacts and the moving contacts are of self aligning controller type with removable tips.

1. Correct sequence device in the Star/delta units rendering it impossible to put the handle into the ‘DELTA-RUN’ position without going through the ‘Star-Start’ position.
2. A suitable earthing terminal is provided for connection to the earthing pad.
3. Remote stopping is possibly by push button station or any other tripping device for which the same has to be connected in series with n\v coil lead. Also for instantaneous tripping an "OFF" lever is provided on the side of the starter which trips the units at once in emergency.

4. All MS spares and hardware are either painted or suitably electroplated to prevent any rusting even if the unit is kept for a long time without use.
5. parts subject to wear such as contact are readily accessible for purpose of inspection ,maintenance and renewal.
6. Interchangeability of some of the spares with lower HP and Higher HP starter is assured.
7. (a) Intermittent class of duty as per IS 8544 : 1967 is AC3 (b) Number of load operation per hour is 2
8. We can also provide extra accessories like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Cable Box, Single Phasing Preventor, Pedestals etc.

1. The auto transformers provided on each starters on each starters are provided with standard tappings for40%, 50% ,60% and 80% of the line voltage to be applied to the motor while starting. Other percentage of tapping can be supplied on special request instead of the above tappings. The tappings are all brought out on the terminal board for easy accessibility and change if required.
2. The starter and auto transformer are enclosed in separate enclosure and are internally connected with suitable wire bars. The oil chambers are provided separately just because the carbonised oil of the starters do not make any deposition on transformer thus electrical breakdowns in transformers insulation is prevented completely. All ‘AT’ Starters leaving our works are having secondary connection of 60% tappings. If the motor does not develop the required starting torque the voltage can be changed by suitably changing tappings on the secondary of the auto transformer.

(a) Check KW/HP of motor and the starter which should match and should be identical.
(b) Usually the equipments is supplied without oil and hence fill oil before energising the unit .Also fill dashpots which is supplied with starter in separate bottle.
(C) Check all electrical connections.
(d) while starting press the lever provided on the left hand side of the starter ,bring the handle to "START" position allow motor to pick up speed and then changeover the handle to "RUN" position i.e ,Delta position.

While ordering please inform the following detail of motor :
(a) Rated output in KW/HP.
(b) Full load Amps.
(c) UVR Coil voltage required.
(d) number of starts per hour required.
(e) Any extra accessories like Ammeter, Voltmeter, cable box ,single phasing preventor ,pedestals etc. required.

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