History of Khatau Junker:
  • Set up in 1964 in collaboration with M/s. Otto Junker of West Germany.

  • Initially started with ‘Paper’ Dielectric capacitors.

  • In 1976, ‘khatau Junker’ entered into collaboration with General Electric Company of USA for manufacture of Mixed Dielectric Capacitors.

  • In 1981,it switched over to ‘All Polypropylene’ Dielectric capacitors and ‘Metallised Polypropylene’ LT Capacitors, as per the latest technology in the world.

  • Established leadership and reputation in the manufacture and supply of HIGH TECH LOW LESS capacitors through innovative Design and manufacturing techniques as per latest technological trends in the world.

  • Stringent quality control at all stages of manufacturing process with wide professional application engineering services.

  • We are the first to introduce mixed dielectric capacitors in LT in India.

Advantages Of Shunt Capacitors:

  • Reduction in demand charges

  • Release of Transformer capacity

  • Release of Transmission Capacity

  • Reduction in transmission losses

  • Improved in Systems voltage.


A. High Tension Capacitors

Low loss all Polypropylene Dielectric Capacitors:

  • High Dielectric strength .

  • Low losses in the order of 0.15 W/KVAR.

  • Low temperature rise of container.

  • Light weight and smaller of size.

  • Extra transient voltage withstand capacity .

  • Use of High quality CRCA sheets for container to take care of expansion and contraction under arduous condition s in the field.

  • Use of non-PCB/non -toxic PXE oil.

  • Use of impregnant under high degree of vacuum in the most sophisticated vacuum plant.

  • Element winding carried out under dust free pressurised winding room.

  • Units of any voltage and KVAR ratings available.

KHATAU JUNKER offers a complete package of High Voltage capacitors Banks along with suitable associated equipments, as per customers requirements.

  • Low Dielectric losses of 0.5 W/KVAR.

  • Manufactured from the same materials and process as per high tensions capacitors.

  • No reduction in the output for longer period of life.

‘Mixed Dielectric’ Capacitors with one layer Polypropylene Film and Layer of paper:
These are similar to AII PP Capacitors with one Polypropylene film layer replaced with paper layer. Due to presence of paper layer the dielectric loss figure of MD capacitors is about 1.5w/

B. Main Frequency Furnace Capacitors

All polypropylene capacitors:

  • With AIIPP dielectric ,impregnated with non-PCB oil.

  • Available at any voltage ratings from 380 V to 1600 V single phase.

  • Designed and manufactured suitably to withstand transient over-voltage due to frequent switching.


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